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Camden Fashion Retail

Camden Fashion Retail is a college for fashion design located in the borough of Camden, London. MID Lighting supplied two notable luminaires, the MID200 and ACOUSTUS range. The MID200 is a downlighter that was supplied in compact fluorescent, to illuminate the lecture theatres, which were designed in the style of a cinema. The sleek and un-obtrusive designs of the MID200 meant the MID200’s fit into the room well, and were unnoticed when presentations were shown.

Furthermore, MID Lighting supplied the bespoke ‘ACOUSTUS’ range, which is a luminaire built into acoustic boards to ensure the environment did not have its sound levels affected by the luminaires. The Acoustus was designed with the world’s leading noise consultants, the luminaire not only provides excellent lighting, but can also act as a superb acoustic damper to eliminate the ‘car park effect’ often associated with solid ceilings and floors.